The process.

An authentic artisan process results in an authentic experience of the mezcal culture, from a family that has crafted mezcal for 3 generations.

Agave harvesting

The soil, the heat, and the rains of Oaxaca are the elements that have enriched the agave espadín for 9 years, from the time it was planted. Our experienced jimadores, hand-select and harvest only the finest "agave hearts", also called piñas.

Agave cooking

The agave piñas are cooked for 72 hours in an underground conical oven, covered with firewood and volcanic rocks, reaching up to 1500 °F. The sugar from the agave get its sweetness and smoky notes.

Juice extraction

Our roller-mill keeps the tradition of milling the cooked agave in a mechanical way, providing a richer mezcal, since it breaks fibers and extract juices that previous methods could not.


For up to 10 days of natural open-air fermentation in wooden vats, the sugar becomes alcohol ready to be distilled.

Double distillation

The alcohol is taken to traditional copper stills to be distilled twice, getting a great purity. The pineapple is added in the second distillation to provide its renowned character.

Bottling and labelling

Guerra Mezcal is the work made by families of the community. Bottling, labeling and packaging processes are mainly hand made.